Reverse Fatty Liver Disease And Lose Weight With This 3 Day Treatment


When the liver has a lot of fat which increases the weight of the liver by 5-10% of the overall weight, fatty liver disease appears. There is alcoholic and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Moreover, there is one more type named acute fatty liver of pregnancy. However, it is a rare condition that occurs due to accumulation of fat in pregnant women.

The liver’s role is to detoxify the body and it influences on the health. You should not engage in an unhealthy lifestyle which can increase the risk of fatty liver disease like smoking, drinking alcohol, consumed refined, and processed foods. All this may cause fatty liver disease or liver cancer.

There are treatments which are alternative and consisting only of natural ingredients, without leaving side effects. Try this natural remedy and the results will be amazing.


  • ½ tbsp. of grated ginger;
  • ½ tbsp. of minced garlic;
  • ¼ cup of pure virgin olive oil;
  • ¼ cup of organic orange juice.

How to prepare and use it: place these ingredients into a blender and mix until you get a smooth mixture. Take the recipe for 3 nights in a row, drinking 1 cup before going to bed.

Make sure to incorporate changes into your diet and include foods like organic apples, green tea, beets, grapes, whole grains, and carrots to help you avoid fat accumulation on the liver and boost your overall health.