Genius tips for using bras that you don’t know


Let’s discover hot and helpful tips with this special piece of cloth which every girl possesses.

1. Secret to hide straps when wearing strapless skirts


A lot of girls have ever perplexed because they do not know how to handle the straps of bra when wearing strapless skirt because the bra will fall when you take off the straps. The tips is that removing the front buttons of one side strap, and wind from back to front body and fasten.

2. Common types of bra and push-up effects of each type


Bras are classified into various types, and the effects of these types are different. For example, push-up is the one that assist push-up best, and helps you have attractive breast. Or, multiway is not good at pushing up breast, but can chage the straps into various types so that they will be suitable for different kinds of cut-out clothes.

3. Be helpful when underwire sticks out


If underwire sticks out and hurts you, but removing it will lose the bra design, you can use a personal bandage to stick to it.

4. Tips for hiding straps


The open-necked open-shouldered shirts are likely to make you embarrassed when exposing straps. Sew a small piece of cloth which is close to the bra and add a press button. That?s all.

5. Way to make bras for back cut-out dress


Sew another big elastic strap with two header attached to the hook. So, you can vary your bra so that you will wear back cut-out dress freely.

6. Secret to store bras and keep their forms


Arranging clothes hangers into a line is an ideal way to preserve bras.

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