19 Brilliant and Beautiful DIYs To Decorate Your Grown Up Apartment


You’re an adult now… kind of. I mean, you have your own address, bills, responsibilities, and a hard time staying out all night.

Yeah… basically an adult.

Here’s the thing though: being an adult with an adult apartment costs money. While you may be able to scrape together rent each month, chances are it’s not the same story when it comes to adult-worthy decor. That’s why we’re here.

Here are 19 totally-awesome ways you can make your apartment more adult without paying adult prices:

1. Create a Washi wallpaper mural

Actual art is a little too adult right now. Instead, create a totally unique Washi wall mural for just $25. If you need some inspiration, check this out. Need another wall decorating idea? #9 is where it’s at. 

2. Frame free printable templates

Your walls will be decked with the perfect balance of fun and sophisticated — nearly for free! Pro-tip: Get some funky frames from a flea market, thrift store, or online local trade & sales site. 

3. Upcycle a cool shower curtain into a fashionable area rug

This rug will make you look like you had a few hundred to spare. Just make sure to follow the instructions and take them seriously when the say, “iron flat.” 

4. Manila envelope & chopstick lantern

Seriously. You can make this Japanese lantern with just some manila envelopes and chopsticks. Check out the video tutorial here. 

5. Self-Stamped Pillows

Pillows are super expensive! Sticking to basics will save money and provide a canvas from which to build your masterpiece

6. Craft this incredible sculptural paper orb light

It’s beyond easy! You simply glue paper muffin cups to a white lantern! Need some help? Adulting is pretty difficult, after all. 

7. Frame cheap mirrors

The frame solidifies the fact you are indeed an adult. However, buying a framed mirror can cost hundreds of dollars. Seriously. Be smart: do this instead. 

8. Hang some airplants

Here’s the scoop: Plants make you look responsible enough to care for something, but we both know that’s maybe not really the case yet. So… air plants! They’re much less work and much less likely to die on you. Plus, they’re super trendy, which makes you look super stylish. 

9. Handmade paper decorations

If you have a bunch of big walls and a small budget, this is a great way to add instant adult-status to your pad. Learn more here
viaLisa Neighbors / Style Me Pretty

10. Use books as a side table

Most young adults have a bunch of books from university they’ll never (sorry!) look at again. These can be used to make a smart and sharp table. Check it out here. If you’re looking for something sturdier, hit up #12. 
viaFlickr / Gather Together

11. Frame letters above the bed

Your initials, a short word, whatever you like — all will add instant sophistication to your bedroom. 

12. Create a mid-century stand

The DIYer was inspired by a piece she saw selling for $345! This is what she made instead. Learn how you can make it too. 

13. Washi tape basic light covers

A funky touch like this shows how together your adult life is. I mean, at the very least, you got it together enough to get the tape and do the project. Go you!

14. Make your own hanging nightstand

This DIY has a double dose of awesome: it costs a fraction of what it would be to actually buy a nightstand and it saves major space! You can DIY it with these instructions. 

15. Display your accessories

Looking like an adult means getting organized! Here’s the coolest way to get started. 

16. Have a home bar for dollars

A few cheap shelves, a coat of paint, and some hanging materials is all you need. If you can’t quite afford (or want) alcohol, a tea bar is a great and equally adult alternative. 

17. Frame a menu board — and fill it in every week.

Look how adult you are! Something like this is great because it keeps you organized and doubles as decor. 

18. Pallet coffee cup rack

You know your apartment has reached full adulthood when it’s rocking some pallet DIYs. 

19. Paint a mountain mural

It’s soothing, simple, and oh so adult. Here’s how to recreate this look in your apartment. 
viaPam Lostracco / Apartment Therapy
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