15 Tulle DIYs That Are Tulle Cute


Tulle is so floaty and romantic! It’s also super cute and can be used in all sorts of ways around your home. Don’t be afraid of its reputation for being scratchy, either. These days it’s available in different qualities. Stick to the softer stuff for projects involving clothing or contact with the skin, and save the scratchy stuff for more decorative projects.

1. Pump up simple curtains.

These curtains are actually DIYed with painter’s drop cloth. They’re then covered with a layer of tulle and tied back with lace ribbon to create a really pretty, dreamy effect.

2. A colorful garland for your event.

By changing up the colors, a tulle garland can be a great fit for any occasion. You can also change up the look by cutting the tulle longer or shorter.

3. Make your own fluffy bed skirt.

Add tulle trim to a plain fitted sheet for a bed skirt that costs a fraction of a similar store-bought one.

4. Add some whimsy to your fairy lights.

Not that fairy lights aren’t pretty whimsical on their own. These tiny tulle poofs just add more whimsy per light!

5. Make magical, snowy trees.

These can be for Christmas or just because! Just tweak the colors! 

6. Puffy accent pillows.

You could make giant flowers like the ones pictured, or just add smaller tulle flowers as a fun detail. This is one of the projects where I’d look for softer tulle. 

7. Master the tulle pom pom.

Once you’ve got this technique down, you can use it for pretty much everything!

8. It can also make an easy wreath.

Just tie lengths of tulle around a foam donut

9. A wreath for every season!

How adorable is the monster wreath? I love it!

10. It can also make a really sweet ghost costume.

No bed sheets for this kid! The wispy nature of tulle makes this ghost spookier than most!

11. Doll up your party balloons.

A layer of colored tulle can turn your party decor up to eleven!

12. Add a tutu to your table.

This would be great in a kids’ room! It takes a lot more tulle than it seems, but the fluffiness is worth it. 

13. Make a cute shirt!

Size this up if you want one for yourself, instead!

14. Or a pretty skirt!

Multiple layers of tulle should prevent the skirt from being too sheer, but if you prefer less floof (why would you?), you could always line the skirt with a solid fabric. 

15. Light it up!

The sheer nature of tulle means you can really play around with the layers. This gorgeous skirt has LED lights strung between the layers, giving it a soft, romantic glow. 
What’s your opinion of tulle?

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