12 Ideas For Hiding And Storing Ugly Cords

12 Ideas For Hiding And Storing Ugly Cords


Keeping power cords and other cables neat and organized is one of the easiest ways to tidy up a space. Whether it’s a television console or a computer desk, the collection of cords can easily spiral out of control and make things look and feel completely overwhelming. As someone who needs things to be organized, I can’t even begin to explain how a cluster of messy cables makes me feel. To put it simply, I absolutely hate it! I cannot stand looking at them and trying to work in that kind of environment without ripping my hair out is pretty much impossible.

If you can’t stand the thought of disorganized power cords and are looking for quick, easy, and affordable ways of fixing this common tech-induced dilemma, check out the list of tips and tricks below!

1. Use Binder Clips

You probably have a few of these laying around your home! They make great cord organizers and their handles are perfect for hanging.

1. Use Binder Clips
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2. Use Zip Ties

You can never go wrong with a handful of zip ties!

3. Use A Rain Gutter

Attach a rain gutter to the underside of your desk and use it to hold cables, cords, and power bars.

3. Use A Rain Gutter
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4. Use A Shower Curtain Rod Cover

For a quick fix, gather hanging cables together and insert them into a shower curtain rod.

4. Use A Shower Curtain Rod Cover
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5. Use Labels

Never unplug the wrong cord again with small, color-coded labels.

5. Use Labels
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6. Use Toilet Paper Rolls

Keep all of your important chargers and power cords together using a toilet paper roll storage system.

7. Use Command Hooks

Clear Command hooks can be attached to furniture to create a hidden track system for power cords.

8. Use A Wire Basket

Connect all of your cords to a power bar and thread them through the grates of a wire basket for a contained, organized computer space.

8. Use A Wire Basket
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9. Use The Wall

With an easy-to-use kit, hiding all of your television cables and power cords behind a wall is a quick and affordable process.

10. Use Suede

If you can’t hide a cord, you can still make it more appealing by covering it with a suede wrap.

11. Use A Shoe Box

If you want to get extra creative, you can cover a shoe box with wrapping paper or washi tape and use it as a convenient charging station!

12. Use Tension Rods

Lastly, pick up a tension rod from the dollar store and use it to create a desk skirt. Not only will it hide your cables, it will also make your workspace look extra special.

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