See What The Way You Hug Your Partner Tells About Your Personality And Relationship, It Can Reveal A Lot Of Hidden Secrets

How do you hug your partner when you walk down the street? What exactly does your hug mean?


Your partner’s eyes are a window of their happiness, so gaze into them whenever you are with them. This means that you are so deeply connected that it almost scares you!

You are mine

The two of you are partners and friends and no one can change that. The usual walks while holding your hands is boring, so you decided to change it to be more unique and fun.

Holding behind the back

This means that you do not care about how much your partner cares about you. This means you are independent and a bit selfish. Sometimes fathers and daughters hug each other like this!

I got you

You are very protective and you deeply care about your partner. There isn’t a better sign to show this than standing right behind him!

Holding tight

You don’t want to separate from or lose your partner – that would be a real disaster. Holding your partner tight is the best way to prove how much you love him and that you would never let something bad happen to him.

London Bridge hug

This is when you are hugging the partner as far as possible, and your lower bodies are pretty far away from each other. This posture shows a large amount of disagreement or discomfort in the relationship.

Rag doll hug

This is like a “one-way street” in the relationship – one person embraces the other as much as possible, while the other stands limp. This type of hug shows a deep imbalance between partners. No matter how hard you try, it really is impossible to maintain a connection if the other person does not show the same feelings.

Mild dance

You love romance and if your partner gently holds you around your waist, you will look like a real prom couple. This type of hug is typical for young couples who have just started a relationship, but if you have a long-term relationship with your partner, then it means that your love is as strong as your first day together.

Your hand in his pocket

Maybe you’re a little skeptical about your partner if you put your hand in his pocket all the time. Are you trying to make sure he doesn’t keep a secret piece of paper or a love letter from another woman?

In the air

This type of hug is linked to passion and lust. Regardless of whether your relationship is long-term or serious, this position reveals that you have a constant desire for each other