Anatolia Vertadella, an Italian woman over 101 years old, has given birth to a baby weighing 9 pounds after making a controversial ovaries transplant widely criticized by medical professionals because of the risks of their high age, reports the Rivista Napoli.

For starters, the entire procedure was illegal, but it was conducted in a private clinic in Turkey (in this country, European laws of ovary transplant not apply, says the centenarian mother who does not want to reveal the name of the medical facility where the operation was performed).

“I am very grateful to all the medical team that decided to continue with the operation,” admits the lady with tears in her eyes. “I feel very grateful to be able to give birth to my child, the number 17. This is a true blessing and a sign of the power of the creator” she told the local reporters.

“For a long time, I had felt useless to the call of God because I could not procreate since I was 48 years old when I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.”

“For a long time I thought God was punishing me for bringing only 16 children, but in its majestic generosity he has provided me with fertility once again” recognizes the lady of 101 years which is faithful Catholic.

After all, everything about the operation is controversial and as Dr. Popolicchi, the final decision was left to the patient.

“Who am I to judge who is right and who is wrong? She managed to give birth to a beautiful baby and this miraculous birth is definitely a godsend, ” told the Dr. “The operation in Turkey was completely legal, as well it was performed by expert surgeons in the field. The lady is in excellent health for his age and I can also predict she still has several years ahead to share with his new son. ”

“Many children come into this world accidentally or unintentionally. It is not beautiful that this comes to live in a home where they want it? “Asked the doctor to the reporters.

An anonymous father

The husband of Mrs. Vertadella lies dead for a long time. He died in 1998 but managed to get a sperm donor to make the birth possible.

She used the internet to get the baby’s father and tells us: “I met the father of Francesco using the internet while trying to get a father for my son. This man of 26 years who donated his sperm is a Catholic human, and that’s the only important thing for me. ”

“I wanted my child to be born in a union sanctified by the Catholic Church. I know we aren´t married and the father is not going to be part of the life of Francesco, but I have written to the Pope to ask for his holy absolution. Also, I named my son as the Pope in his honor, and I think that will achieve get me a space in his heart so he can forgive me in this particular situation. I still love my husband and I want to keep deceased widow around the time I have left in this world, but I needed the seed of this fervent young Catholic to complete the mandate of the Lord”

In the world, there was already a woman who gave birth in old age.

The previous oldest mother in the world was Malegwale Ramokgopa, a woman born in South Africa in 1893, which supposedly gave birth to twins just three days before celebrating her 92 birthday  on October 3, 1931, which turned in the papers of the nation.

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