Ladies, Never Do These Things To Your Breasts


The breasts are probably one of the most delicate parts of a female body. They are made up of fatty tissues and glands that produce milk. The elasticity of the skin covering the breasts is because of a protein called elastin. Thus, they should be treated and taken care of properly as they are very sensitive and easily prone to damage.

1. Wear A Bra That Is Too Small

It is estimated that only one out of every four women wear the correct bra size. In most cases, the bra is worn one to two sizes too small. Many women, feel the smaller bra enhances the shape of their breasts. For some, it creates cleavage that wouldn’t normally be present. While they are concerned with their body image and appearing sexy, they could be harming their breasts for their vanity. Experts state that wearing a bra that is too small can cause irritation to the tissues. It can also cause a great deal of discomfort.

New studies show that wearing a bra that is too tight is a cancer risk. The restriction of blood flow to this area, causes scar tissue to form. The scar tissue has a higher likelihood of turning into cancerous cells. Additionally, the lymph fluid drains from the breasts and down into the armpit area. Having a tight bra can restrict the flow of this vital fluid. Not allowing the lymph fluid to properly drain, causes a back-up of toxins in the breast.

2. Removing Hair and Warts from The Breasts

Hairs around the nipple area are a common notion in women, so a lot of them remove them on a regular basis. Nonetheless, if you tend to remove these hairs very often, there is a risk of the hairs becoming thicker and more visible in the future, as well risk of serious inflammations.

3.Getting Nipples Piercings Done.

Nipple piercing can be dangerous as there are chances of infection. If the nipples get infected, the infection spreads very fast via the nipple ducts into the lymph nodes. This not only leads to the formation of pus (abscess) but can also make you extremely sick if the infection passes on to your bloodstream. Thus, it is better to avoid nipple piercings.